Nude Scuba

Nude Scuba


Nude Scuba - ....On a recent bike ride through the Swiss Alps, my two friends and I noticed several topless European ladies tanning along Lake Brienz, where nudity is mostly a non-issue. Further down the road, we found the perfect spot to go swimming and just before we were about to derobe to our swim suits, an old couple came to have a picnic not far away. We wanted to be alone so we picked up our things, got back on the bikes, and kept riding. After picking out a small cove sheltered from the road by a little hill, trees, and rocks, we released all inhibitions, threw off all of our clothes and jumped into the freezing lake in broad daylight! Other bikers, motorists, and pedestrians passed by and even though our bodies were covered by the water, we got a couple smiles and thumbs up, no big deal. After about an hour of somersaults, floating, and giggling, a man a little younger than my grandfather, creepily and slowly rode by on his bike, parked his stuff about 20 yards away, and took off his clothes! He got in the water and was getting closer and closer to my naked friends and I. We all were freaking out but no one wanted to get out and expose ourselves further to this clearly deranged man. I didnít want to waste anymore time letting him get any closer, so the buck stopped with me. I swam furiously to the shore, and slipped stumbled and fell on the smooth slippery steep wall of pebbles. Even though my knees, hands, and pride were hurt, I couldnít stop laughing. I grabbed my clothes and next everyone elses, even though I felt like throwing theirís even farther away for making me display myself like that. As soon as everyone was out of the water, the old man swam back to his stuff and sat naked on a boulder with his arms over his knees and stared across the lake. We rode our bikes back to town with a good story to tell at the pub that night.


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